Episode 89: Breaking Free & Taking A Walk on The Wild Side w/Naughty Lifestyle Expert Sienna Sinclaire

“Timid”, “tepid”, “tame”. Every heard these words before? How bout “reserved”, “restrictive”, “restrained”? Yeah? Cool. Now, ever heard these words used to describe how you are sexually? Yikes. Don’t fret, BedLoveBeyond has got you covered. For some reason, when it comes to sex we as a people are very modest. Yes, there are exceptions to the rule, but overall we can be quite the bashful bunny when it comes to being venerable in that arena. I’m not talking about getting freaky with strangers & one night stands, but more so long standing relationships and even in marriages (with kids!). We feel, well… “naughty” about being naughty! Huh? How can you not be comfortable with your partner or the person who has pledged to stay with you until they die? Who else would come in line after that for you to go “yeah, okay, I can bring down my wall for this person”? For this ep, we wanted to free and talk about the naughty side of life and some of the things you can get yourself into if you want go that route. Listen in and add some spice in your life! 

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“I really wanted to write a series of books that combine my two passions – travel and sex” – Sienna Sinclaire



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Modesty In Marriage: How Much Is TOO Much? – http://www.themodestmomblog.com/2014/04/modesty-in-marriage-how-much-is-to-much/

Modesty is destroying your sexual intimacy – http://intimacyinmarriage.com/2011/01/30/modesty-isdestroying-your-sexual-intimacy/

20 things men want women to do in bed https://pairedlife.com/physical-intimacy/50-Things-Men-Want-Women-To-Do-in-Bed

What women like in bed: http://attractgetwomen.com/women-like-bed-long-really-want-last/

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