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The Beauty of Betrayal

Check out this great write up from Miss April Speaks about betrayal and forgiveness.. ♡♡♡

Miss April Speaks


Betrayal is an ugly word but when you look up from the depths of despair in which betrayal may make you fall—you may see a rainbow. If you’ve never been betrayed– here’s how it works, for those of you that have, just come on this journey with us for a minute:

  1. You discover you’ve been betrayed by a friend, romantic partner, family member, etc.
  2. You are hurt because you feel like you would never have betrayed that person.
  3. You are angry for the same reason as #2.
  4. You likely get an apology that is hard for you to believe is genuine.
  5. You contemplate forgiveness.
  6. You forgive or not, either way you are still angry.
  7. You no longer trust the person.  If you have forgiven them you are in the process of trying to rebuild trust.
  8. You build a wall around your heart and mind because you want to believe you…

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