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Today was supposed to be ” the best day of my life “, the day I got to marry my best friend. The moment that I spent years on a podcast wishing and hoping for. Instead today is the day I am grateful for the air I breathe and the beat in my heart. This wedding was never about the white dress that is now locked in a store , and is probably too big on me (stress does what months of dieting couldn’t). It wasn’t about signing a legal document that gave me the title of wife and he husband, and it wasn’t about gifts, or food or the perfect tux. What it was about is sharing a true and genuine love that we have for each other with all our friends and family. We practiced our slow dancing and our PG kiss, but that was for everyone else. Unfortunately today because of social distancing and this virus that is just everywhere at this moment, we aren’t together in the same house. We do the normal face time and watch t.v. together like we do when we are home, and for now that will have to do. No one knows when this will end .. if and when we can return to normal or a new normal. The wedding has been pushed to August. If it were up to me it wouldn’t happen at all , but money was invested and I don’t think we can get that back. Although all the vendors have been super accommodating. Shout out to them. We’ve talked about doing justice of the peace once the state opens back up or we just wait 5 months and cross out fingers for normalcy. This feelings I feel about today are not about a broken dream, but more of a broken reality. My hopes and prayers are for everyone to stay safe and healthy. Love always win.

P. S. It technically rained on my wedding day, so that’s good luck right ?!?

Jenn ❤️

It’s been a long time…….

So I said we would blog here and there and keep in touch. Well, my bad. It’s been busy as shit. As many things that have happened that I was like “damn that would have been a hot topic on the podcast” have happened.. there literally has been zero time. So today I figured I’d start.

So yeah. As suspected, I got engaged. The ” how” is for another time. I’ll just say I am odd, he is odd. We are both shy and kinda impulsive and now we are here. So what I didn’t know is my mother kept a secret for a whole month. We are all really proud of her. But as soon as I found out the planning phone calls began.

So as where I have never been the little girl who was waiting for her prince and the day to wear the big ball gown I apparently forgot I was someone’s daughter who had these dreams of her own. The original plan was rent a house, get some food and have a giant wedding house party weekend. Finding a house is not as easy as you think. That was one. And 2. We are adopting. (Longer blog later) it’s Alot of work and I wanted a wedding to be as simple as possible. So we’ve gone with the semi traditional route.

So I have this little problem. I don’t like having a do to list. I need organization in my life. I enjoy getting tasks checked off in a timely manner. With that being said less then 2 months after our engagement I am done planning our wedding with the exception of hair and make-up.

Do I absolutely Love Love Love every choice that I made? In short.. No. Many decisions were made to meet my folks half way and because at the end of the day the only thing that matters is the person I’m marrying. He’s pretty awesome. The venue is nice, also affordable. That’s a plus. The dress .. give me shape and looks nice on me. Who could really ask for more? The entertainment is a friend so that will be great. It’s a small amount of people (apparently 100 is small for a wedding venue) so all of my favorite people will be there to celebrate the joining of two families and at the end of the day that’s what matters. Now if I can get my mom off the fact that she thinks I need a tiara all will be good. ( Does she know me ??)

Weddings don’t have to be a hoop-la. And I am hoping even though we’ve gone with a traditional venue ,D.J. etc the end goal of marrying my best friend and celebrating drama free with the people I love is a goal we can accomplish. No brides maids , no best man, no garter belt toss.. just a celebration of Love and a old fashion house party in someone else’s ” house”.

Ep #154 ” A Very Special Episode

In this VERY SPECIAL EPISODE of BedLoveBeyond we talk about how movies , TV and Media have changed in what is acceptable to show us. Should young people be watching shows like Euphoria and Grownish that depict drug use and extra curricular sex or should it be like the 70’s and 80’s and just touch the surface and sugar coat important topics?  Join us in this convo!!

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DATING: 9-1-1


During our last episode we spoke with life coach, and relationship expert, Georgia Woodbine, and discussed her book about finding the right man (we posted to the site), as well as, the ends and outs of dating.  One question I forgot to ask her is what she thought about a woman dating outside of her race.  Should she go outside her norm meaning just attributes and checklist or should she go allll the way outside of her norm when different cultures, races, ethnicities, etc. if she really never considered it before?  I personally believe people should date who they are attracted to, and that includes physical attributes, and the personality.  I believe if a person gives someone a shot who is from a different race, culture, ethnicity, etc. and those two people realize their beliefs are not in line, then keep it moving.  But at least give it a shot.

What do you guys think?

Ep #130 It’s All About the Benjamins Baby!…. Or Is It?

Join us this week for our conversation about one of the most difficult things to talk about with your partner… MONEY!.  Who’s got it ? Who doesn’t ? Who should pay? How to split the bills when cohabitating?  We dive in to all the ins and outs and we will discuss how to navigate this tricky conversation. No matter how hard  this conversation is to have it’s a must. Better to know before it’s too late. Check it out and Share your comments below and let us know how you had this conversation or if you need to … You’ve come to the right place.

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Ep# 127: Intimate Hang Out Session w/ Joshua Shea: Porn Addiction

Join us this week as we chat it up with Joshua Shea , Former politician, Magazine Publisher and Porn Addict. Joshua shares his story of ups and downs and offers a candid look on that taboo topic of Porn addiction. What constitutes addiction? Can women be addicts too? How Porn addiction affects families? Check out this eye opening conversation and join in the conversation about this topic with your fellow listeners below!  Continue reading

As promised…. Some Poetry…

Here is one of my favorite poems.  I will share them periodically. If you are an avid listener I am sure you can guess who it was about.    Enjoy …


Tent Time

He came with a backpack of clothes and a Xbox
I opened the door to good intentions and to my heart.
We were scared , but if the 3 day weekends we spend together were so awesome..
The rest of the work week was cake.. right ?
I am still not sure why I found him amazing..
He meowed like a cat when he was nervous or bored.. But it made me smile.
At night he held me like if he let me go I’d fall off the bed.
That was only after tent time where we would talk under the covers to protect our secrets.
Every night he would reveal a little bit more of what was behind curtain number two
I felt a connection …
He felt …

Nothing ..

At first of course he searched and tried to find the words. Waiting and hoping to feel something ..
Because According to him .. If he couldnt love me ..
Then he was probably incapable of feeling it at all ..
We tried..
I tried..
and eventually he left ..
I miss tent time .. and every so often I get under the covers to find that he is not there…
Finding deficits with in myself that really don’t exist trying to explain how this could have happened
Blaming his past lovers for walking on his soul and leaving imprints so deep that I would never be able to fill those shoes.
But hes gone..
and there are things I wanna tell him
Did you see that fight ? Have you heard that new track?
But he turns a deaf ear to my existence
The resistance
fills my pillow with tears until my body weakens into a slumber.
Every essence of him  that surrounds me makes ache
Memories don’t live like people do ?
Do I Still exist to you?     – Jennifer

Valentine’s Day Giveaway!!!

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