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Episode 65: Should Someone’s Past Affect Your Future With Them?

We always try and see the good in people and try not to judge people on the chapter we walked in on in their lives. For the most part, it goes well, but sometimes a person’s past no longer wants to stay in the past causing a conversation to be had. Depending on what the issue was (or is), do you stay with that person through thick or thin regardless of the issue? Or do you feel you have the right to walk away and be like “nah, I’m good?” Would you feel guilty or feel you are in your right? Tune in and see what we think!  Continue reading

The Beauty of Betrayal

Check out this great write up from Miss April Speaks about betrayal and forgiveness.. ♡♡♡

Miss April Speaks


Betrayal is an ugly word but when you look up from the depths of despair in which betrayal may make you fall—you may see a rainbow. If you’ve never been betrayed– here’s how it works, for those of you that have, just come on this journey with us for a minute:

  1. You discover you’ve been betrayed by a friend, romantic partner, family member, etc.
  2. You are hurt because you feel like you would never have betrayed that person.
  3. You are angry for the same reason as #2.
  4. You likely get an apology that is hard for you to believe is genuine.
  5. You contemplate forgiveness.
  6. You forgive or not, either way you are still angry.
  7. You no longer trust the person.  If you have forgiven them you are in the process of trying to rebuild trust.
  8. You build a wall around your heart and mind because you want to believe you…

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Episode 39: Music, Movies & L’amore – Media that Gets Us Caught Up In Love

The kiss in the rain. The confession of truth to a loved one in front of the towns square. A proposal written in the sky. These moments, these gems that we get from movies are etched in our minds. We watch them over and over again because real life can’t afford us these pleasantries. But OH do we try to make them happen.. and why not? Emulating these things doesn’t mean we’re delusional (well, not all of us anyway) but we just love that feeling that makes us warm inside! Listen in as Jenn and I discuss what makes our heart pitter-patter with passion with love!  Continue reading