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Here is our first product. Ep 81 last week our guest Kim Interdonato talked about her awesome book .. Use this link to check it out!!




Fall into it…or fall out..?

So I know I haven’t shared in awhile, but to commemorate the beginning of my favorite season I figured I’d just share and maybe get some advice from you!!

Today I felt frustrated cause I learned that I am too loyal.
Is that a thing?

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Episode 83: Would You Ever Sleep With A Guy…While Your Man Was Watching In Front of You? Wait, What the CUCK?!

Hi-dee-ho, neighbor! Talk about a topic, eh? What in the world?! But yeah, we went there. It was an episode we wanted to do back in the early days of BLB. After watching an episode of “You’re The Worst” about the subject we thought it should be revisited, for the first time. But what say you? Could you have sex with a person while your signficiant other looked on? Weird scenario right? Trust me, I hear you. But there is a culture that does this very thing. Some of them find it even empowering and brings the relationships closer! Who woulda thunk? Could you do it or is it too weird for you? Or maybe, you can’t WAIT to do it but don’t know how to bring it up to your partner? Now THERE’S a twist! Listen in to see what our answers are!  Continue reading

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Episode 82: Searching for Love At the Age of The Baby Boomer w/ Author Angela Page

A couple episodes ago, we had the Millennial on to discuss love in their day & age, and this episode we discuss what’s going on in the later years of our lives with the baby boomer. The “Winter” of Life stage, as they say, is the stage where we’re no longer in our prime but still have some vigor in us. Our ideal state is to be in our twilight years with the one we promised ourselves to a lifetime ago, but sometimes that might not be the case. Whether through unfortunate circumstances or otherwise, we could be alone in our old age. What is one to do if faced with that possibility? The dating world is not how it once was. It has drastically changed from the Sadie Hawkins Dance to sliding in someone’s DMs. How you do feel they will fare in this new age world of digital pimping & dick pics? Take a listen and see what we discover!  Continue reading

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Episode 81: Being Happy After Heartache – Healing Your Soul and Walking Away (in Your New Soles & Heels!) w/ Author Kim Interdonato

Whatever stage of love you’re at (puppy, adolescent, “grown folk”, or mature), experiencing heartache can be soul crushing. The loss of Love and the erasure of a future with that person definitely brings a storm cloud of emotions that can make even the strongest willed person quiver with uncertainty about getting better. Whether you dodged a bullet, “it was for the best”, or you’ve convinced yourself you lost “the one”, the end result of the relationship doesn’t matter. It’s what happens after that needs the most focus. Today, we have Kim on the show to talk about how she recovered and why it’s important to be happy after heartbreak and be more alive with life.  Continue reading

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Episode 80: Can You Hear Me Now? – A Consultation in Communication w/ “Dr. Un” aka Phil Deluca

“Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not so easy” – Aristotle, 384 B.C. 

It’s hard to curb your anger when you just want to blurt out your feelings to someone as soon as they cross you.  But that rage not only is bad for the relationship, but bad for your health. Join us as Dr. Un explains how to “not speak” in order to get our point across to one another. Also he goes through the minutiae of what our body goes through when we have these explosive outbursts and how these moments can have negative health effects on us.  Continue reading

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Episode 79: Being A Late Bloomer: The Growing Pains & The Wonder Years w/guest “The Rock God of Podcasting” Charles McFall

That awkward moment when everyone around you has done everything (TWICE) and you’re just standing there like *DERP*. Welcome to Late Blooming, population YOU. Yup, late blooming can seem like an isolated event. Here you are in your adolescence and your friends are all ahead and ‘advanced’, talking about things you thought you would only get to experience at 30! It’s such a bummer to see your peers (seemingly) so well rounded and mature and you’re still twiddling your thumbs in the corner because you haven’t been knighted with the fabled “magical mature baton”.

But what we realize in insight is that there is no baton, and maybe just wasn’t your time to mature yet. Everybody goes at a different pace for sure, but at the time life is in a vacuum so you want everything to happen to you now just like your friends. Some are lucky, but some are totally not. Today is one of those stories, with many hurdles and delays to “Bloomdom”. The Rock God of Podcasting Charles McFall shares his story of being a late bloomer and overcoming adversity and still being able to achieve what most late bloomers can only hope to accomplish. Strap into your seat, cause you’re in for a great show!  Continue reading

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Episode 78: “I’m Tired”, She Said – What’s The Issue with Today’s Man? w/ guest (& Author) Elliott Katz

Whether it’s through song, poetry, spoken word or tweet, women are letting their feelings known about the opposite sex – and it’s not good. Time after time another declaration is heard from the masses claiming that men aren’t doing their “job” and “real” men are few and far between. Is this claim real? What HAS happened to men and is there a way to fix the problem? Listen as we try to get to the bottom of this for all (Wo)mankind!  Continue reading

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Episode 77: What is Love in the Day & Age of The Millennial w/guest Jasmine Skyy

Ahhh, the Millennial. What is there to say that hasn’t already been said about this generation of people? Even when we’ve exhausted ourselves, there’s always one more opinion we can’t wait to share about how we feel about them. Well, today’s different. Today, one of their own has PLENTY to say and tries to school us on how we (the old foagies) fare in Love and how we’re doing it WRONG. Hoo boy! You got to listen in and see how this goes down.  Continue reading

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Episode 76: Friends w/ Benefits: Should You Ever Turn Your Situationship Into A Relationship? w/ guest Sexologist & Psychotherapist Kristie Overstreet

Things are good with you two. Actually, pretty great. You hang out, talk about everyday shit, and every so often when you’re feeling frisky – you two have sex. Because you guys are friends, you know each other.  You know what gets her mad, she knows what makes you laugh out loud. With the added layer of sex though, now you guys know each other. She knows what makes you feel masculine, and you know how to make her feel special. Now that’s what I call BFF’s, right? But, why stop there? I mean, if you guys are great friends and you two have amazing sex… what’s to stop from taking the next step? Aren’t you basically “together” anyway? What could go wrong? The three of us are gonna hash it out. Tune in and see what we come up with!    Continue reading

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