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Episode 114: Is Your Self Body Image Affecting Your Relationship? w/ SUPER FAN Sam

You wake up, feeling bloated, & go check the scale to confirm your assumptions. *Ugh* 10 MORE pounds?! WHYYYY. You jump back into bed, completely cover yourself in your blanket and make yourself into what you feel like – a human burrito. Your S/O comes in the room to greet you but you’ve decided to never interact with the natural world AGAIN! Over dramatic? Sure, but it doesn’t take away how a lot of people feel when it comes to their self image. The feeling of doubt, shame, and despair are written all over our faces with no pads to remove the things we “makeup” about ourselves. So what do we do? Our S/O loves us just the way we are, but why don’t we? Why can’t we see the brighter side of things? Here to discuss this topic is UK’s own Super Fan Sam as she shares her own personal story of her struggle with self image and reveals what fears she has when it comes to her weight and relationship. Tune in to hear some great stuff!  Continue reading

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Episode 52: Large & in Charge – What’s the “Skinny” on the Rise of the Plus Size? w/ guest (& “Plushy”) model Jenica

With #IAmSexy, #ImNoAngel, & #DropThePlus hashtags (and many more!) making the rounds for the last couple of years, it’s no secrect that the Plus Size movement is making itself heard. For much too long, society has only showed us a very narrow window into what can be deemed as “beauty” and the rest of the world is dying to show us that other side. With models like Ashley Graham, Iskra Lawerence, and Tess Holiday leading the charge, these wonder women along with every other plus size person will tell the world that they too are beautiful. Today in bed with us is the lovely Jenica, back from being a guest on Episode 21 about divorce. We haven’t heard from her since and BOY you have to see where her life has taken her now! TUNE IN!  Continue reading

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