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Ep #132 How to Attract the Right Man into your Life with Georgia Woodbine

Join us and our guest Georgia Woodbine as she breaks down the Do’s and Don’ts to attracting the right person into your life. Georgia Woodbine is a life coach and public speaker who helps people change  their lives on a daily basis. Come engage and get some pointers! Do you agree with what our guest is saying? How did you attract the right person..Join in the conversation below!

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Episode 5: Explain Yourself Pt 1 -“I Don’t Know What I Want Out Of My Life!!”

In this episode, the first part of this 2-parter, Jenn & I discuss what the each of us want out of a future. If we could ever decide what that is, of course. The crossroad of Life is upon us and we are at a standstill. What we do? Listen in and find out. Continue reading

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