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Episode 73: Interracial Relationships & “The Black Experience”: Should You Marry Someone That May Not Understand Your Struggle?

On Episode 22, we talked about the general tropes of the topic of interracial relationships, but in this episode we go deeper. A video recently made its way across the internet and launched a hot debate all across the World Wide Web and even made its way onto network TV for further debating. Can a white woman ever understand the struggles of her black man? It was a great question posed, but an even greater question to try to answer. On the show is a couple who are no strangers to the topic of race, identity and struggle. It was great listening to their stories and informing us that life, especially for an interracial couple, is anything but just black & white.  Continue reading

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Episode 22: It’s Not So Black & White – Interracial Relationships

It’s a full house on this episode. 4 voices with 4 different opinions on a heavy subject even in this day and age. We discuss how 2 of us constantly date outside our race, one who sticks to their own, and one who ventured out but came back home and has been loving it! Plus, we dabble in the age old question… how black/white are you “really”? Awww man, yeah… we went there.  Continue reading

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The Quest Within, Pt 4: Stop Enabling A**holes

(I mentioned this blog on Episode 16)

So semi-regularly I listen to a podcast called Guys We Fucked and it’s great. It’s about 2 women who are sexually liberated and don’t mind talking about their escapades on air Continue reading

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