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Stress to Impress…

There’s an article I read suggesting what qualities women should possess that Men should add to their ‘Marriage Material’ list, and within that list something really hit home. Continue reading

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Episode 9: “I Dunno, There’s Just Something About Him” Pt 1: That One Thing w/ guest (and #1 Fan) April

Friend and honorary #1 fan of the show, April, hopped in “the Bed”  with us to discuss A-holes. No, not the ones on our butts but the ones women date and refuse to see the error of his ways because of ‘that one thing’ he has a hold over women on. What’s WITH that ladies? Listen in and Please let me us know cause we men need to know the deal! Continue reading

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Episode 7: “What Were You Expecting?” aka Preferences & Types

Jenn & I discuss what our types are and how they developed over time. Do you have a type? Do you know why you’re specifically drawn to that? Have you ever gone out with your type? Or Someone who wasn’t your type at all? We got a lot to discuss! Click The Link! Continue reading

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