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The Quest Within, Pt 2: Acceptance

There’s a slight misconception throughout society that I’d like to discuss. Whether it’s in TV, movies, or literature, it’s commonly portrayed that women are the only ones that pine for that ‘one person’ to notice them. Thankfully movies like The Girl Next Door, Superbad, & Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, show that guys also share in the ‘fight for acknowledgement’ though to different degrees. Whereas the female in question wants to end up with her beau and live happily ever after, the male in question just wants to be noticed. Period.  Continue reading

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Episode 3: Puppy Love vs Adult Love

In today’s ep, we discuss the terms “Puppy Love” & “Adult/Mature Love”. Have you ever experienced either? We have… well, sorta. Also, what’s your take on soulmates? Do they exist or is it all just a bunch of malarkey? (Yes, I said malarkey lol) Just listen in and we’ll explain… Continue reading

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