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Episode 59: Right You, Wrong Time – Close Encounters of The Love Kind

When is the “right” time to get int a relationship? Is there such a thing? How about if you meet the right person and you’re not ready to engage in a budding future? What do you do? Do you fake it til you make it or do you let that go? But what if that person was “The One?” Could you afford letting them slip away? Or do good things come to those to wait? Jennifer and I take a stab at this conundrum and see if we can figure out what the hell to do in this sort of situation.  Continue reading

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Episode 28: Is There Ever A “Good” Reason To Cheat?

We know, we know… what a preposterous question to ask! But that’s what we do, get to the nitty gritty of things and discuss. We’re not saying if there’s a “good” reason then by all means go for it. But we wonder why do people cheat even when they know it’s a bad thing to do. What exactly is justifiable for the act of betraying a loved one’s trust? Something’s up, so Jennifer & I come together and try to figure what that could possibly be.  Continue reading

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