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Episode 16: Bitterness, Jealousy, and Envy: The Side Effects of Being… in LOVE?!

Bitterness, Jealousy and Envy? When did these go hand in hand with love? I thought love was supposed to bring you happiness, joy & butterflies? As Jennifer says in this episode “Who told you that?” Haha. Got to admit, she has a point. When dealing with love, all sorts of emotions run rampant and is not limited to only just one side of the spectrum. Yes, love can bring out the positives and well as the negatives in you. Our guest today (who suggested the topic) has every right to be negative but surprisingly stays positive. Listen in and hear his incredible story of Love, Lust, Loss, & Living lifeContinue reading

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Episode 10: “I Dunno, There’s Just Something About Him” Pt 2: Where Are All The Good Men? Aka #WhereTheyAtTho

Part 2 of this discussion rolls along as we debate and try to answer the (seemingly) eternal question: “Where are all the good men at?”  Continue reading

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