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#119 – Letting Go & Moving On

“There’s this meme that reads “Sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go”. In this episode we explore that statement and try to answer why we hold on to the things that have hurt us. What are we trying to prove? What exactly can’t we get over? Join us as we attempt to let go and move on mentally, spiritually, and physically from things that can hold us back from becoming better people.”

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Episode 62: Picking Up The Last of Your Stuff: Moving Out & Moving On

To quote a song by Rob Thomas, “Here we stand, somewhere in between this moment and the end.” You’ve done all you can but it’s time to say goodbye. But how do you? It’s one thing to end a relationship when you were on your own, but what about if you lived together? It’s bad enough that the relationship is over, but who goes? Who stays? How do you tell the one that you loved to get the hell out? Do you throw their stuff out on the lawn? Do you supervise? Do you give them a timetable to when to get their stuff? How do you move out and move on to green pastures? Have a listen and see what we had to say!  Continue reading

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Episode 6: Explain Yourself Pt 2 – “Ex or Next?”

In this episode, the part 2 of the 2-parter, if Jenn & I are looking towards our individual futures, then we must look into the past. So, we did. We asked ourselves, should we keep in contact with our exes or just say “Bye Felicia” and move on the next one? Are our exes holding us back or should we keep them as our BFFs? Continue reading

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