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Episode 116: Man-Child / Kid at Heart – Admiring or Adult Wanted? w/ Brigid

“Why don’t you GROW UP?” “GET A JOB!” “Do something with yourSELF!” We’ve all heard THAT before right? To some, those exclamations remind us of our adolescence when our parents were down our throats about our future. To others, however, it reminds us of last week – but this with our significant others! In this episode we talk about the difference between a man child and a kid heart. Is there a difference or should they just both put on their adult pants. Are the significant others out of line? Should the men be allowed to have a fun side? You know what they say “all work and no play…”  But what do YOU say? Would you tolerate a man child or would you leave him in the dust in his diapers? Tune in to see what we said!  Continue reading

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Episode 13: Moving In – Do it Before or After Marriage?

This episode Jenn & I discuss what many long standing couples may have to weigh in on during their courtship. Do we move in now or later? While some consider moving in to be the next chapter of their relationship, others just might see it as convenience having their significant other living with them and that’s all there is to it. Wuh-oh. Now, this isn’t meant to be a right or wrong debate, but it is a debate none the less. Tune in and hear us out. What’s your take on the subject? Let us know. Also, Share & Subscribe. Happy Listening!  Continue reading

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