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The Quest Within, Pt 4: Stop Enabling A**holes

(I mentioned this blog on Episode 16)

So semi-regularly I listen to a podcast called Guys We Fucked and it’s great. It’s about 2 women who are sexually liberated and don’t mind talking about their escapades on air Continue reading

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Episode 10: “I Dunno, There’s Just Something About Him” Pt 2: Where Are All The Good Men? Aka #WhereTheyAtTho

Part 2 of this discussion rolls along as we debate and try to answer the (seemingly) eternal question: “Where are all the good men at?”  Continue reading

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Episode 8: “Wait, You Want Me to Do WHAT?!” aka Sexpectations w/guest & author Noble Casalupus

On today’s ep, author Noble Casalupus stops by “the Bed” as we discuss if there’s a “right” time to have sex. Also, is sex just a simple case of economics? And finally, is it selfish for a woman to declare that she’s DONE with blowjobs? AWWWwww man, you KNOW you got to take a listen now! Continue reading

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