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Ep #149 Hello From the Friend Zone! :SHE yelled!

We’re back from Spring Break !!… In this episode we are talking specifically about women getting friend zone. Yes, this is a WHOLE conversation.  Manhood, ego, communication, maturity, emotional intelligence, sexual attraction. Can you really be friends with the opposite sex? There are a bunch of sub topics under this umbrella. Listen to us work it out with our new resident millennial— Kamal Brown.


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Red Badge of Courage My Ass

So before my vacation I had all my check lists ready, but most importantly I was calculating my menstrual cycle cause no one wants to bring Aunt Flo on vaycay. I really believed I was in the clear. But between a stressful month of work and friend drama and February being a short month my period decided to come day 1 of my cruise.

In my younger days prior to any introduction to sex toys I tried a tampon once with the direction of my grandma yelling through the door. That too was not a good time to say the least. At one point I thought that mastered it, but at the ripe age of 40, I have not. I’ve avoided swimming for days now on my cruise with only a day and a half left I needed to get in the water. My flow is not terrible while on the ship ( weird stuff) , but on land I get cramps and it’s a shit show. So after a short nap post Mexico I decided to go for it. OUCH! What the hell is wrong with me.. at 40 this should be a no brainier. I finally got one to fit what I deemed as right. I swam for 20 mins. I’ve been sunbathing for about 10 and I’m finishing this blog rant and headed straight back up to my room to find a pad. I welcome what ever the next stage is … Hot flashes and all. This is for the birds and let’s be honest if I haven’t figured tampons out by now, I probably never will. What are the alternatives? What do you use ? Help me out people.

headed to my room…

Jenn ..

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