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Ep #155 The End Of The Road: Farewell Episode

Join us for our last episode as we reunite and talk about all of our favorite moments of this podcast that was birthed from some of our most intense moments in growth and love. We thank each one of you from the bottom of our hearts for riding with us. As where you will not hear our lovely voices for a while, BedLoveBeyond is alive and well and we hope to thrive by staying up to date with all the on goings around the world and keeping these conversations that are so very important going. We plan to keep the bedlovebeyond.com page and blog and interact with our followers in that manner. We also encourage you to write into us at Bedlovebeyond@gmail.com and share your stories. Each one. Teach one. Looking back we joked around alot but we spoke on many important topics and if that helped even one person then this podcast served its purpose.  Thank you again !!

Peace !


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Episode 98: An International Love Affair w/ SUPER FAN Sam

We did things a little differently this episode. We invited one of our faithful listeners on the show! Besides fan-girling out, she gives a live Q & A, what she likes about the show and also shares her story worthy of a BLB stamp of ‘WTF?!’. Come listen as we feel the love from the internets!  Continue reading

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Episode 92: Will They Commit or Should I Quit?: How Long is TOO Long To Move Forward? w/ Ricardo C.

“Shit or get off the pot”. Who hasn’t heard THAT one before? YUP, you know the scenario. One person, arms folded, tapping their feet with a stern face on while the other is scrambling to make a decision. Is the jig up? Who knows, it’s up to the parties involved. But while people might think what’s taking so long, another question that you should ponder is why it took so long in the first place. Decisions in a relationship whether it’s moving in or getting engaged should not be taken lightly. It takes a considerable amount of courage to do either so one shouldn’t just dive in without first going it over. On the other hand, how long does it take to come up with an answer. You’ve looked it over from any angle & went over every scenario. TWICE. When is it time to take the leap? Now.. or never?  Continue reading

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Episode 87: Don’t Judge A Profile By Its Selfie? – Would You Shun A Suitor Based On What They Post On Social Media?

Ladies, did someone ever slide in your DM and impress you so much that you just HAD to look at their page? Did you ever do a double take because of what was posted? They were *this close* to getting your number until you saw a chick with her face down ass up on his page. Fellas, you were about to ask for her digits before you saw that their whole wall was about God? Or Feminism? Do these things really raise flags in our eyes or are we just too judgmental? Jennifer and I discuss the in’s and outs of this hypothetical. Take a listen, will you?  Continue reading

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Episode 85: What’s The Issue with Today’s Woman? w/Relationship Coach Valerie Greene

In the interest of equality amongst the sexes, it was only fair to have a sequel to Episode 78’s “What’s the Issue with Today’s Man?”. After an informative talk with Elliott Katz on the issues of Men not being able to meet Women’s standards in dating, it was time to see the other side of the coin and assess the attempts at Love from some women in the dating sphere. Why haven’t they been successful in getting a man? Some of the revelations may shock you. I get to the nitty gritty with our guest today who (learning from experience) was more than happy to share some insight on the matter of females missing the mark when it came to love. Tune in to see what was said!
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Episode 74: Scammers, Golddiggers & Thotpockets

You heard of them, you might have even experienced one of yourselves, but regardless, we’re gonna TALK about ’em. Why do women go to such depths for a “come up”? Thank goodness that this type of behavior is only praised by few and criticized by many. Jenn & I discuss the lengths that some women will go for a pretty penny, and also the lengths guys go to protect themselves from these types of people.

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Episode 70: Should You Pry Into An Ex’s Life?

Sometimes after a breakup, regardless of how it went down, a piece of us can’t help but wonder how the other person is doing now-a-days. It should be expected though; the person did occupy time in our lives so our brain can’t help but do a little flashback. But, other times, we actually go and seek what the person is up to. Should we go back to the past or should we just move forward? What “exactly” are we looking for? Closure? Will we know if or when we find it? Will we be prepared for whatever the outcome is or will we regret snooping around? As they say, “Curiosity killed the cat” but what they rarely say is the res of the phrase “satisfaction brought it back.” Should we pry to bring satisfaction to ourselves and fulfill the selfish need or just let things be? Can we truly not help ourselves? Take a listen and see what we said!  Continue reading

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Episode 62: Picking Up The Last of Your Stuff: Moving Out & Moving On

To quote a song by Rob Thomas, “Here we stand, somewhere in between this moment and the end.” You’ve done all you can but it’s time to say goodbye. But how do you? It’s one thing to end a relationship when you were on your own, but what about if you lived together? It’s bad enough that the relationship is over, but who goes? Who stays? How do you tell the one that you loved to get the hell out? Do you throw their stuff out on the lawn? Do you supervise? Do you give them a timetable to when to get their stuff? How do you move out and move on to green pastures? Have a listen and see what we had to say!  Continue reading

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Episode 57: Work/Life Balance – Can We Find Time For Love When We’re Always Busy? w/guest Randy

“All work and no play…” seems to be more then just a line from a scary movie. It seems to lend itself to a potentially scary LIFE. What is there to life if you don’t have someone to share it with, but what is a life if there’s nothing in it BUT that person? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t? That’s one of the many questions posed in this episode. How do we find that balance or do we just say “fuck it”, pick a path and run with it? Tune in to see what Randy, Jennifer, and I have to say.  Continue reading

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Episode 55: *HAPPY 1YR BLB* // Say What You Need To Say – How to (Properly) Communicate w/ guest Miss April Speaks

A is for Apple, B for Bread, Y is for “Why” do we have to go through this over and over again? This ever happen to you? Just misinterpreting what the other person says? Or worse, you’re just waiting for the other person to shut up just to get your point across? Listening to reply and not to understand is a big problem in the world today, especially in relationships. Can men & women ever be on the same page? Will we ever just be able to talk straight to each other and do away with the mixed messages and taking things in the wrong way? Find out what Jennifer, Miss April Speaks, and I find to say about the subject in our first ever LiveCast to celebrate our 1st birthday of BedLoveBeyond!!  Continue reading

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Episode 54 – Am I Not Good Enough?

“Why don’t they like me?” “Why do I keep losing partners?” “Why can’t we go further?” “Aren’t I worth it?” are all questions that have crossed our minds one point or another during our dating career. All familiar questions we ask ourselves to find out if there’s anything “wrong” with us. Whether there is or not is another topic, but the point is, are we really not up to snuff for our partners or are we fooling ourselves into thinking as such? Are we actually good enough and this lull is just a “mind-over-matter” thing or are we delusional and we really need to get some work done internally? Tune in and see what Jennifer & I have to say!  Continue reading

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Episode 7: “What Were You Expecting?” aka Preferences & Types

Jenn & I discuss what our types are and how they developed over time. Do you have a type? Do you know why you’re specifically drawn to that? Have you ever gone out with your type? Or Someone who wasn’t your type at all? We got a lot to discuss! Click The Link! Continue reading

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