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Episode 78: “I’m Tired”, She Said – What’s The Issue with Today’s Man? w/ guest (& Author) Elliott Katz

Whether it’s through song, poetry, spoken word or tweet, women are letting their feelings known about the opposite sex – and it’s not good. Time after time another declaration is heard from the masses claiming that men aren’t doing their “job” and “real” men are few and far between. Is this claim real? What HAS happened to men and is there a way to fix the problem? Listen as we try to get to the bottom of this for all (Wo)mankind!  Continue reading

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The Quest Within, Pt 5: Fail… to Succeed

So we’re at the final leg of the quest so let’s recap. Continue reading

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Episode 8: “Wait, You Want Me to Do WHAT?!” aka Sexpectations w/guest & author Noble Casalupus

On today’s ep, author Noble Casalupus stops by “the Bed” as we discuss if there’s a “right” time to have sex. Also, is sex just a simple case of economics? And finally, is it selfish for a woman to declare that she’s DONE with blowjobs? AWWWwww man, you KNOW you got to take a listen now! Continue reading

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