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What comes after: The Uncertainty of Self

“So tell me, where shall I go? To the left, where nothing’s right.. or to the right, where nothing’s left?” – Higher Perspective

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Episode 8: “Wait, You Want Me to Do WHAT?!” aka Sexpectations w/guest & author Noble Casalupus

On today’s ep, author Noble Casalupus stops by “the Bed” as we discuss if there’s a “right” time to have sex. Also, is sex just a simple case of economics? And finally, is it selfish for a woman to declare that she’s DONE with blowjobs? AWWWwww man, you KNOW you got to take a listen now! Continue reading

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Warning: Labels May be Hazardous to Your… Relationship?

Upon talking to my friend the other day, something came to fruition that we uncovered about myself and apparently… I have a thing about labels.

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