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Letter Jackets & Going Steady – Forget Chivalry, is Commitment Dead?

I wasn’t born during the time of the sock hop, malt shakes and the Sadie Hawkin’s dance. Despite Johnny Rocket’s efforts to time warp us back to that era, I can only get a sense of the era through movies and TV and campfire stories from people. From what I gather, it was real cool to be in a relationship back then because things mattered.  Continue reading

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Episode 23: Is Chivalry dead? w/returning (and chivalrous) guest Randy

This episode we talk about the age old question “Is chivalry dead?” We had Randy stop by who’s from the old school to tell us how he feels about the subject. Jennifer and I of course give our views on it and you’ll be surprised what comes out of our mouths. Speaking of coming out of our mouths, the words chivalry & chivalrous are said a multitude of times. See if you can keep up with how many times we mess up either one. (I’ll give you a hint: Jennifer is a serious perpetrator, haha.) Tune in & enjoy!  Continue reading

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Episode 7: “What Were You Expecting?” aka Preferences & Types

Jenn & I discuss what our types are and how they developed over time. Do you have a type? Do you know why you’re specifically drawn to that? Have you ever gone out with your type? Or Someone who wasn’t your type at all? We got a lot to discuss! Click The Link! Continue reading

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