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Episode 86: Bring Me a Higher Love – Exploring Intimacy Farther then The Physical w/ Relationship Educator Yanni Brown

With dating, especially at the beginning, people tend to rush through the pleasantries and only want get to the “good” part. Not pointing fingers or anything, sex is AWESOME, but is that really the thing we should be focusing on? What happened to being the Tortoise instead of the Hare? What about the slow build? I’m not even talking about foreplay (although that’s nice too!). What happened to getting to know a person first? Getting to know the Ins and Outs of them as opposed to just going in and out of them? There are other ways of getting to know a person before you do the horizontal polka. That’s where our special guest steps in. Yanni Brown, relationship educator, lets us know the many ways of being intimate before we even get take our clothes off.  Continue reading

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Episode 84: From Eternity to Earth – When Love Hails From Beyond w/Author Irene Weinberg

Once upon a time a show declared that Space was the “final frontier”. It was THE territory for us to discover, document, and disclose to the masses what was found during the journey of the mission. But, I wonder… is it really the last region left to explore? Sure, Space is MASSIVE and we know very little of it, but there is a place out there everyone will go to eventually that we know even less about. That is the Other Side of Life. Our generation won’t get to witness all the wonders of Space, but everyone, one day, will pass and we have yet to tap into any real substance into the realm of the Unknown – though today we had a possible glimpse. In this episode our guest today tells the story of her husband speaking to her from beyond the grave. In his messages he shares what it’s like to be on the the Other Side, the meaning (and purpose) of Life, how Heaven handles Evil, and so forth. As we delved into other topics to broaden our infancy of knowledge on the subject, it was at least comforting to know one of the few things that can survive the transference between dimensions is Love. Listen in and enjoy!  Continue reading

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Letter Jackets & Going Steady – Forget Chivalry, is Commitment Dead?

I wasn’t born during the time of the sock hop, malt shakes and the Sadie Hawkin’s dance. Despite Johnny Rocket’s efforts to time warp us back to that era, I can only get a sense of the era through movies and TV and campfire stories from people. From what I gather, it was real cool to be in a relationship back then because things mattered.  Continue reading

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Episode 49: Holidays with Your Honey – “Joy to The World?” or “Run, Rudolph, Run!” w/ guests Chris & Weldon from “The Way We See It” Podcast

Yes… it’s the end of the year, so “t’is the season”! But which season is it? The season of merriment or “decking” someone’s balls.. i mean halls? Yes, it’s that time of the year where everything is amazing and annoying at the very same time and now you have a signficant other right in the thick of it all too. “Where do you go for the Thanksgiving?” “Didn’t we go there for Christmas last year?” “Can’t we stay home?” “Where are we opening gifts?” “Do we exchange gifts in the first place? We just met…” etc etc…  Bah Humbug! But seriously what do you do to settle the winter woes? We have a full house oday as Chris & Weldon from “The Way See It” podcast joins us to discuss what in the hell do we do this holiday.  Continue reading

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Episode 38: Chemistry vs. Compatibility – Which Should You Go For?

Have you ever met a person that made you think “I’m really feeling this person, we have such great chemistry but we really don’t hold the same values or aspire to the same goals”? Or met someone that you both of your futures lines up perfectly but they were just “okay” and didn’t make your heart go flutter or create a spark inside you? Well what do you do in this situation? Which do you go for? The chemistry based relationship or the compatibility one? You might think that one of these answers is obvious, but it isn’t as easy as you think. Listen in and see what Jenn & I had to say about it!  Continue reading

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Episode 33: GHOSTING

There’s something strange… in your instant messenger… and it don’t look good…. what you gonna do? GO GHOSTING!!! That’s right… the new wave of “new phone, who dis?” is “ghosting”! What exactly IS ghosting and why is it the go to method of avoiding awkward situations or confrontations in dating, relationships, etc? Let’s get into bed and have this much needed pillow talk.  Continue reading

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Episode 13: Moving In – Do it Before or After Marriage?

This episode Jenn & I discuss what many long standing couples may have to weigh in on during their courtship. Do we move in now or later? While some consider moving in to be the next chapter of their relationship, others just might see it as convenience having their significant other living with them and that’s all there is to it. Wuh-oh. Now, this isn’t meant to be a right or wrong debate, but it is a debate none the less. Tune in and hear us out. What’s your take on the subject? Let us know. Also, Share & Subscribe. Happy Listening!  Continue reading

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Can I Be Naked?

sad beach guy

So one day, Jenn links me to this article and is like “definitely wanna podcast this, I’ll write it up tonight”. I’m all for it and then I see the headline “How To Plan A Kinky Vacation (Without Her Freaking Out) and I know I was gonna walk into some shenanigans. Fortunately it was a very in depth article recounting a female’s reluctance (and then overall enjoyment) of her going on a kinky vacation and it turning out to be a great trip. Then Jenn asked me the question, “would you ever go?” and that got me thinking – in more ways than one. Continue reading

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So Question? Can You JUST F@#k The Person You Love?

So can we? Can you? Can I? I read this article just to get my brain kick started and get some of these blogs rolling out. Didn’t think it would resonate at all, but of course the Pisces in me swam on out.

Continue reading

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Episode 4: Going Through The Phone… Yay or Nay?

In today’s episode, Jenn & I talk about phones and if you’re allowed to go through them or not. Is “what yours is mine and mine is yours” really true, or do we all deserve from privacy? Who’s slidin’ in your DMs? Continue reading

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