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Episode 107: Tambourine Or Lead? – What Position Should You Play in Your Relationship? w/ Arvie

This is pretty much a revisit of a topic we explored on Episode 29 but with a new spin on things and with a new person! What position should we play in a relationship? Should we take turns? What if you are the lead and don’t feel comfortable being the submissive one because it doesn’t suit who you are? Will you step back for the betterment of the relationship or do you feel that we have our roles to play and no need to play musical chairs? Listen in to hear what we had to say!  Continue reading

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Episode 9: “I Dunno, There’s Just Something About Him” Pt 1: That One Thing w/ guest (and #1 Fan) April

Friend and honorary #1 fan of the show, April, hopped in “the Bed”  with us to discuss A-holes. No, not the ones on our butts but the ones women date and refuse to see the error of his ways because of ‘that one thing’ he has a hold over women on. What’s WITH that ladies? Listen in and Please let me us know cause we men need to know the deal! Continue reading

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