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Episode 90: Going Out On the Prowl w/ “The Bad Boy of the Dating Game” Mr. Locario

Confidence. Game. SWAG. In the dating game, you’re gonna need any one of those aforementioned words if you’re gonna make it out there in the field. It’s bad out there, and in this age of social media and dating apps, gaining a person’s attention is getting harder and harder each day. How do you make yourself stand out? How do you keep the person you have once you got got them? How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? We have a special guest to help us out with our questions (okay, maybe not the last one). So tune in and listen as there are a lot of mic drops on this episode – particularly cause I’m clumsy – but ALSO because our guest is dropping some KNOWLEDGE up in this place!  Continue reading

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Episode 22: It’s Not So Black & White – Interracial Relationships

It’s a full house on this episode. 4 voices with 4 different opinions on a heavy subject even in this day and age. We discuss how 2 of us constantly date outside our race, one who sticks to their own, and one who ventured out but came back home and has been loving it! Plus, we dabble in the age old question… how black/white are you “really”? Awww man, yeah… we went there.  Continue reading

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The Quest Within, Pt 5: Fail… to Succeed

So we’re at the final leg of the quest so let’s recap. Continue reading

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