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Ep #123 The Man and the Woman in the Mirror: Vanity in Relationships

In this episode of BLB we discuss whether or not it’s okay to ask someone you are dating to change something about themselves? Whether it be weight , clothes, the style of hair, too much or not enough make-up, is it ever okay to ask someone to change?  Are these things deal breakers ? Is weight the only taboo topic? Is it okay to say” Hey babe, you’ve gained a few pounds, get on that”!? We discuss healthy ways to have these conversations.   We all know no one is perfect , but how far have you gone to try and change your partner or what have they asked you to change? What did you think about that ?? Join in the conversation below !  Continue reading

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Episode 57: Work/Life Balance – Can We Find Time For Love When We’re Always Busy? w/guest Randy

“All work and no play…” seems to be more then just a line from a scary movie. It seems to lend itself to a potentially scary LIFE. What is there to life if you don’t have someone to share it with, but what is a life if there’s nothing in it BUT that person? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t? That’s one of the many questions posed in this episode. How do we find that balance or do we just say “fuck it”, pick a path and run with it? Tune in to see what Randy, Jennifer, and I have to say.  Continue reading

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Episode 17: “Meant To Be” vs. Practicality… Which Do You Believe In?

Do you believe in signs, horoscopes, or maybe even a higher power? Or are you a more practical in your approach towards life? What about love? Do you believe in Destiny? Fate? “Meant to Be”? Or are you more of a “Go with the Flow” type person? Jenn and I discuss the matters of the heart and mind on how we approach things in our daily lives and also our love lives.  Continue reading

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