Martini’s Bio

Well, what I can say? I’m a writer, over thinker, and a day dreamer. I’m anxious to see where this Trinity takes me in life. I don’t want to necessarily speak “for” anyone, but you’ll come to realize, I represent for the introverts and the insecure. People might consider that to be a negative but it’s just who I am. Being a late bloomer in Life, I haven’t had the best track record in the dating/relationship game so I come with a sort of limited point of view on things. Despite my countless hours of research online about topics I’m interested in, nothing beats the real world application of experience, but I’m getting there. Every day I’m exploring new ground within myself and the world around me and I’m glad I get to share it with you as soon as it happens. It’s going to be a fabulous journey and I’m glad you’ve decided to follow me on it.

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