A Quick Note About the Podcast

This isn’t good-bye …. it’s see you later!
We’ve decided to end our Bi-weekly podcast.. So as where you will not be hearing our lovely voices, we will be updating the BedLoveBeyond Facebook , the Word press website , IG , and Twitter. We also encourage you our listeners and past guests to share your stories and relevant articles on Facebook . Even if there is something you need to purge , email it to us and we can share it anonymously on our page. Sometimes It helps to just unleash the dragons.

This podcast was developed from many conversations about love, sex and other taboo conversation topics regarding human interaction. I feel like we learned , we laughed and hopefully we came out of limbo with love.

I hope we made having these conversations about cheating, sex, furries, side chicks, dating apps etc, a lot easier to swallow. As we have grown as people we recognize the importance of some of these conversations and I hope in the future if someone googles one of the many topics we’ve covered & our voices help them feel less weird or alone. Thanks to Martini for starting this journey with me and Thanks to April for riding with me the past year and taking most of phone conversations and puting them on air!
We will have one final episode in the next coming week! #thankyou
#love #selflove #growth #podcasting #podernfamily #sex #tbt #endofanera #tilnextime #peace #3years
Thank you ❤️

We will still be bringing our opinion pieces and thoughts right here so be sure to subscribe to this blog or follow us on Facebook for up to date information!❤️❤️❤️

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