DATING: 9-1-1


During our last episode we spoke with life coach, and relationship expert, Georgia Woodbine, and discussed her book about finding the right man (we posted to the site), as well as, the ends and outs of dating.  One question I forgot to ask her is what she thought about a woman dating outside of her race.  Should she go outside her norm meaning just attributes and checklist or should she go allll the way outside of her norm when different cultures, races, ethnicities, etc. if she really never considered it before?  I personally believe people should date who they are attracted to, and that includes physical attributes, and the personality.  I believe if a person gives someone a shot who is from a different race, culture, ethnicity, etc. and those two people realize their beliefs are not in line, then keep it moving.  But at least give it a shot.

What do you guys think?


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