A Tad Numb.

So I feel I needed to purge this information somewhere, and what a better place than here. If you are an avid listener, 1. Thank you, but 2 you’ve probably heard me (Jenn) talk about “restraining order boy”. In short we were childhood friends, grew apart distance wise and reconnected over the common grounds that he needed open heart surgery and it was something I had already been through. Long story short we were coochie crunch for months until he got a bit possessive and threatened my life in which he became…R.O.B.

Well this morning I found out he passed away. I’m not sure from what, I can only imagine a drug overdose. And although we have years of history and what not… I feel nothing.

The Pisces in me should me emoting all over the place, but I literally just feel numb about it. Like I legally can’t pay my respects, but do I even want to? I definitely never hated him. I felt disappointment in him and the fact he was given a second chance at life and fucks it up, also that he was someone I bent over backwards for and his rage or his dark side still caused him to say and do horrible things.

As a mental health professional I should have known what I was dealing with , well, I did and ignored it. Anyways. That’s my bag to hold for the day. I don’t know if the courts will contact me or if I have to notify anyone. I’m still kind of processing.

Thanks for listening. Peace!

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