Episode 87: Don’t Judge A Profile By Its Selfie? – Would You Shun A Suitor Based On What They Post On Social Media?

Ladies, did someone ever slide in your DM and impress you so much that you just HAD to look at their page? Did you ever do a double take because of what was posted? They were *this close* to getting your number until you saw a chick with her face down ass up on his page. Fellas, you were about to ask for her digits before you saw that their whole wall was about God? Or Feminism? Do these things really raise flags in our eyes or are we just too judgmental? Jennifer and I discuss the in’s and outs of this hypothetical. Take a listen, will you? 

Listen to Episode 87 HERE

Do You Judge A Person Based On Their Posts On Social Media?https://theconfusedyoungadult.wordpress.com/2016/07/09/do-you-judge-a-person-based-on-their-posts-on-social-media/

Things That We’re All Judging You For On Social Mediahttps://www.theodysseyonline.com/things-we-need-to-stop-doing-on-social-media

(Judging People on) Social Media is for Idiotshttps://medium.com/writing-in-the-media/judging-people-on-social-media-is-for-idiots-db6af5be2230


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