Dating At The Speed(force) Of Light – Pt. 1

To bolding go where no Martini has gone before…

I’m going speed dating y’all and as you heard on episode 83, I am both nervous and excited. Actually, I’m glad I’m doing it because this is a long time coming. I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of speed dating, and also, it’s going to be geek oriented/themed so it’s to my advantage. But the real main reason why I’m glad to really put myself out there is because I might finally find someone, but more so… finally find someone along the lines of who I am. Someone who will complement me as opposed to conforming to their way of life. 

With my ex-fiancé, it was either conform to God or die, with Religious Girl it was lose what you have of God in you or it won’t work, with Yoga Chick it was be Vegan or see ya later, and with Hiking Chick… I don’t even know… we didn’t even get there. My thing is was I was willing to sacrifice a huge part of who I am to be in a relationship. I don’t take it as desperation more so as misguided dedication. Like I’ve said on the podcast before, everyone will have to sacrifice a piece of them in a relationship (both sides) to make it function. That’s what compromise is all about, and in each of those instances I thought that thing that I was giving up would be “that” expected sacrifice but at the same time, it would be the one thing that would hold us back and completely implode the relationship. With this type of speed dating though.. I feel as though things will finally come my way and we can have at least common ground.

Many of my married friends have that. Despite them being different… the things that gel them together is that common ground and with that they share similarities with each other. There’s the Sporty Couple. The Husband & Wife play softball, the husband loves football, the wife hockey. Both teachers. They aren’t perfect but they have great similarities. There’s the Power Couple. Husband is an Engineer, Wife is a Lawyer both very business oriented with both of them owning their own side business. I have the flirty/sexy couple. They are very romance oriented and whenever a celebration or milestone event for them is near, they shower each other with love to know end, letting the other know that they are the one for them. Also, I’ve said before on the show that with the people that I dated, they have found their counterparts. Religious girl found someone who was an agnostic and also mastered in Depression in scholastics (she has depression). Yoga Chick found another dude to do downward dog with and have kale sandwiches by the rustic fire, and even my ex found her pastor in training (literally) and now their ALL happier then pigs in a blanket.

With this speed dating, I want to find someone who compliments me… granted I might be putting too much emphasis on this one night, but what I really mean is, at least whoever I am talking to, they have much more potential to be the one, then someone I meet at a bar. Also, Geeks are more forgiving of your lifestyle… that’s why I was happy with the concept of geek speed dating, I won’t be judged.

Again, it could go the opposite way.. I am more of a superhero geek, and she could be an anime geek, or a sci-fi geek, or maybe go left with it and be a history buff (which would be a nerd, not a geek.. yes nomenclature counts and they’re real) but still… there would be some common ground and I am in need of that dearly. I’m tired of feeling not enough to these people or that “I’m” the one that is not fit to date because I don’t fill the mold you want me to be in. *Blech*

But yeah, I’m super excited, it should be fun. I’m just looking to have a great time, obviously meet the one) but more so… I want to find someone that pines for me like I pine for these chicks. I want one of them to be like “wow… he’s great… I got to have him” for a change. We will see though.

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