Episode 34: Are You in LOVE? Or “in love” with Love?

Now THAT’s a slippery slope of a question but one we have to ask ourselves at times. Do you know the difference? When you try and look for a significant other, what do you look for? Things to benefit the overall relationship or things that benefit you? Are you looking to get married because you can’t wait to spend time with your spouse or you just want to be a spouse? What are you working towards in a relationship? What is your end goal when it comes to getting a significant other and finding love? We asked ourselves these questions and we came up with some good conclusions but also some scary realizations were brought to light. Listen in and see what they were! 

Episode 34: https://www.podbean.com/media/player/se38z-61f1bb?from=yiiadmin&skin=109&download=0&share=1&fonts=Helvetica&auto=0

What do you look for in a partner?

Are you supposed to look for what the person can do for you, or what you can do for them?


The difference between being in love and being in love with lovehttp://thoughtcatalog.com/briannaewiest/2013/06/the-difference-between-being-in-love-and-being-in-love-with-love/

11 signs you’re just in love with the idea of lovehttp://thoughtcatalog.com/kate-bailey/2013/07/11-signs-youre-just-in-love-with-the-idea-of-love/


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