A “how to” on why you should get down with me (and over thinkers like me)

Well, well, well… this comes as a shock. An actual positive article about over-thinkers? Never thought I’d see the day. People always have a negative comment to say once they think your over-thinking is an issue:

“just stop thinking about it”

 “just go with the flow”

“Oh My GOD, that would NEVER happen”

“why do you have such a crazy mind?”

“Your scenarios are crazy”

Some of those complaints might be valid, but as this article dictates, I’m glad that my old noggin works over time for me. It’s just how I’m wired. The reasons given here [in bold] are from the article & on point. My reasonings are the ones that follow but please take a look at the article to see the great answers they give.

  •  We Give A Shit.

Absolutely. We give a shit about you. Whether you’re a family member, significant other, friend. We want to make sure we’re on good standing with you and if there’s anything that we can do to make our bond even better.

  • We Will Research How to Please You.

Platonically & Sexually. You don’t know how many times I listen and really be attentive to what my suitor wants outside and inside the bedroom. It’s so fun when you satisfy your partner sexually. They are so grateful because they know you listened and therefore better times will be had for both parties. Oh Yeahhhh.

  • You Will Never Need Google Maps Again.

Yeah, we go in on the planning cause we hate error. We’ve looked at every possible way that you could go to that particular Starbucks location and we don’t have time for F ups. Allons-y!

For me personally, I use planning in other ways. I don’t care that we’re in February, I’ll start planning gifts for friends or a boo now but for Christmas. Or I’ll plan 3-4 months in advance of your birthday just because I care that much and want it to be intricate as involved as my love for you.

  • Should Something Ever Happen, You Can Follow Them to Safety.

Yeah, whether warranted or not.. we have escape routes. From Parties and Baby Showers to a conversation you don’t have to have with someone. We can help you get out & survive.

  • There are No Elephants in the Room.

We talk everything over with you because we’ve already talked it over to ourselves countless times before. At every angle, under every lens.

  • We Take Notice.

Our senses tingle so much, Spider-man gets jealous. We look at everything, listen to your words and put them in a rolodex for later use when a discrepancy comes up. We notice, not to callous or rude, but we just do. We’re on our toes. You’re gonna need that.

  • We Use Our Brain and Our Heart.

These two things are in constant communication and battles with each other trying to find out the right plan of action when it comes to you. Whether to buy you that gift you wanted for your birthday or what movie to put on to put you n the right mood cause you’re sad today. We think of all that, just for you. Just to see that that smile on your face – we put that there.

– Martini

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