Episode 11: Failed Love, Crushes & The Ones That Got Away w/ guests Poli Games

We have a JAM PACKED episode and it’s our longest one yet (for good reason)! We got a full house in the bed as Poli Games stops by to discuss if you can be too old to have crushes and also discuss the suitors that have crushed our souls changing our outlook on Love forever. Also, our guests share a story that will make you throw away every Nicholas Sparks book & movie you own because you want to find THIS type of love and thought it couldn’t possibly exist for real. Don’t believe me? Well get your tissues and tune in!

Episode 11: http://www.podbean.com/media/player/vxsig-5d7710?from=yiiadmin&skin=109&postId=6125328&download=0&share=1&fonts=Helvetica&auto=0

On The Madness and Charm of Crushes – http://thephilosophersmail.com/relationships/on-the-madness-and-charm-of-crushes/

Why The One That Got Away is Fucking Up Every Relationship You Try –http://elitedaily.com/dating/what-if-ruining-life/1008758/

Confessions to The One That Got Away – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QI0w8xC0YUc

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