A “How To” Transcript on How to Get Down With Me… (and Alpha Chicks Like Me)

So since heading back into the dating scene I have never been so definitive about what I want and need. I have come to the conclusion that I honestly don’t NEED a partner (Man). But having someone to share all the highs and lows of the week with would be nice. As previously discussed I don’t really let guys do things for me (re: to Episode 1 of the Podcast). This can sometimes be seen as  emasculating or bitchy. Neither is my end game.

I come from a long line of “Kick ass and take names” females. Yes, they still handled typical or textbook gender roles; i.e.: cook clean, but they also provided for their families. So growing up into who I am before you I have inherited these genes.

Has this caused problems in my relationships?? – Let’s go with yes.

Has this caused issues moving forward and dating ? – Let’s go with hell yes..

When I am alone.. I do everything myself.. Except maybe moving heavy stuff, (I am tiny)

I am more or less just used to it.  In a relationship these are the strings that often get pulled each way. I am learning that I am not good at relinquishing  control over certain portions of my life. I just could never really put it into words.  

Until I read this article!!! I  was half asleep , but I was awaken within while reading this. It was so on point.. Well to a degree.. As I may have mentioned before. sometimes I do get “lazy” in a relationship so I would want to split household duties.

Many females may feel this way. It’s a new day and women are doing whatever it takes and sometimes men don’t know where they fit in … Well ladies if you’re lost and fellas if you don’t know where you fit in with a Alpha type female..  Check it out !!

The woman who doesn’t need a man is a piece of work, a handful, a mother fucking mack truck with a voice louder than a sonic boom, a heart with more passion than Mt. Vesuvius, and a wickedly brilliant brain that would give Einstein a boner.

Let’s get something straight, right now—I’m never going to shut up. There is no silencing me. I want to talk about everything and confront the issues head on. I will not be passive. I will not give in. I want solutions and resolutions. I am fierce. I am intense. If you are going to love me, you must be ready and up for the challenge.”

Enjoy – Jenn

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