Can I Be Naked?

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So one day, Jenn links me to this article and is like “definitely wanna podcast this, I’ll write it up tonight”. I’m all for it and then I see the headline “How To Plan A Kinky Vacation (Without Her Freaking Out) and I know I was gonna walk into some shenanigans. Fortunately it was a very in depth article recounting a female’s reluctance (and then overall enjoyment) of her going on a kinky vacation and it turning out to be a great trip. Then Jenn asked me the question, “would you ever go?” and that got me thinking – in more ways than one.

Well, first off, the kinky vacation in question is Hedonism II.  According to the article Hedonism II is “Considered the granddaddy of nudist resorts, Hedonism II has been in the business of making sex-positive people happy since 1976. A Disneyland for adult nudists, swingers and exhibitionists, it has something for those who want to sit on the sidelines in an erotic setting and something for those who crave straight-up promiscuity. Basically it’s a place where you go like any other place you’d go for vacation. There’s amazing views, nice beaches, great entertainment, good food, and just over yonder people getting naked and having sex in front of you with a significant other or fellow vacationer. No big deal.

The vacation… oh excuse me “nacation” (short for naked vacation) as the article suggests isn’t for everybody. It wasn’t even for the author of the article, that is, until she tried it. Her story is fascinating and she also brings up a lot of things people would be concerned about:

Do you HAVE to be naked? Are people gawking at you? Can you have sex anywhere? Do people actually have sex anywhere? Are there creepers who watch? Do they ask to join? Etc.

All reasonable questions to ask and despite those concerns (she says the resort is totally safe) the author says she’s plotting to have a return trip. So when Jenn asked me the question of whether I’d ever go, I took pause then reluctantly said “yeah, I would.” Like I said before, this vacation isn’t for everybody and like the author revealed in her story about being an introvert, I’m one too. So even though my reluctance was high, so was my curiosity. The author gave me some confidence to at least consider taking such a ‘comfort zone shattering’ experience seriously. I mean there’s NO way you can go on that trip and not come back changed.

I think if I went, especially with someone I loved (the author recommends it’s not really for singles trying to get ‘lucky’) every emotion would be triggered and I’d face my all insecurities head-on. Jealousy, envy, shyness, self-consciousness, all that. Also, exploring that side of me and seeing everyone in such an open state of mind would be mentally stimulating. Not to mention physically stimulating too. It’d definitely spice of your love life right? I mean, how can it not? Imagine you’re just having a good time laying in the sun or just splashing water on each other in the pool and you get in the mood because you adore each other. Instead of going all the way back to the room from the grounds (to not possibly offend anyone like that couple did on the news), you just go at it right there! Or if you DO want to be discreet you can go to specific pockets throughout the resort and have your fun there and role play the risk of being “caught”. That has to be energizing and just down right hot. I’d LOVE to experience that.  

But what about the people who are intrigued but far too shy to engage in such a free society like that? There is a mild side and a wild side to the island. So if you’re not up to going “balls out” you can be on the other side and trust me I understand. But for me, if I’m gonna go there at all, I have to go “full monty” and try out the experience at full tilt, even though I’d be shaking in my (hypothetical) boots. But if that’s the toll to pay for being “naked” and stripping myself of all blocks, restrictions, and inhibitions for the chance to grow and expand my limits as a person, then why the hell not?  

But what say you? Could you do it? Could you go to a sex resort like Hedonism II, or a sex club like Le Trapeze and be naked? Would it be scary for you? Disgusting? Liberating?

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3 thoughts on “Can I Be Naked?

  1. I think we’d love to go….. depending….

    We’ve both had a fantasy of being watched and being in a sexually charged environment, we think we could put on a nice show for people to watch, slow, sensual, passionate.

    But here’s the conditions and why we haven’t done it yet…

    >> We don’t want anyone else, we only want each other.
    >> The environment has to be right, sensual, erotic, beautiful and not seedy, dungeon type sex club
    >> The other people have to be like minded. We don’t want to be seeing people throwing themselves from person to person and spunk being flown everywhere. We want to see sensual and passionate people too. Like “Kinky romance”!

    Thats my thoughts…


  2. Hi! Thank you so much for your input. I completely understand where you’re from. Those conditions are very sound. I wouldn’t know what to do if someone else was having relations with my partner in front me! Also, yes… the environment and the like minded people are KEY. It can’t feel like I’m at a hole-in-the-wall strip club and just horny people ready to pummel anything you put in front of them.

    Have you looked into going to Hedoism II? I used to think it was a seedy place (hey.. never been it could be) but from the minimum research I did, it seems like the template you’re looking for. Anyway, good luck in your venture. Hope your fantasy comes true. If it does, Let us know!


  3. lifegoeson292 says:

    My wife and I went to Hedo II for our honeymoon. We had a great week, shedding clothes and inhibitions. Returned several times since. People are friendly; it’s difficult to be rude or pretentious when you’re naked!


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