So Question? Can You JUST F@#k The Person You Love?

So can we? Can you? Can I? I read this article just to get my brain kick started and get some of these blogs rolling out. Didn’t think it would resonate at all, but of course the Pisces in me swam on out.

So depending what sex means to you or what your headspace is looking like, Fucking someone you love could be virtually impossible. We can sit here and debate the definition of fucking and sex and making love, but nobody has time for that … Well, at least not now.

The article did just fine with giving the different definitions but what I want to talk about is coming from a different angle. The article talks about if it’s possible to just be able to fuck someone you love as opposed to making love or having sex (because there is a difference). What I’m wondering is if it’s possible to “just” fuck someone you love or used to love and continue to go about your business without emotional consequence.

So you love someone .. Love them like cooked food or cake (whatever tickles your fancy) and you engage in the act of sex with them. It’s late at night, you clearly are aware of the booty call hour, but you oblige because this is your heart. Maybe you have something to prove (I still got it!) or you want to show them what they have been missing. Whatever your reason is, it’s about to go down.

Man listen .. sometimes it doesn’t matter how strong you are , the walls of Jericho will come tumbling down. .. Everything you feel for this person will come pouring out of you and sometimes you wait for the return .. and NOTHING.. Maybe a high five!..  Ugh ..

“Sometimes we fear expressing what is in our heart because the feeling may not be mutual—but that isn’t the point of love.

The point of love isn’t only to offer it if there is a guarantee of it being returned—the point is to declare our love with passion and determination, because loving is a gift.

When we can strip it down and lay it all out without fear of consequence, then there isn’t anything left to do besides love.”

So before you think that it’s just sex, just fucking and “I got this”,  remember your intentions because it can leave you in a world of disaster and FEMA never comes when you do .. ya heard!

Check out the original article here: Can We Fuck the Person We Love?

 and let me know your thoughts.

But seriously… think about it – Can you just fuck the person you love?

– Jenn

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