Episode 6: Explain Yourself Pt 2 – “Ex or Next?”

In this episode, the part 2 of the 2-parter, if Jenn & I are looking towards our individual futures, then we must look into the past. So, we did. We asked ourselves, should we keep in contact with our exes or just say “Bye Felicia” and move on the next one? Are our exes holding us back or should we keep them as our BFFs?

Episode 6: http://www.podbean.com/media/player/mby8s-5c6cba?from=yiiadmin&skin=109&postId=6057146&download=0&share=1&fonts=Helvetica&auto=0


Should we still keep in touch with our ex’s? To what capacity? What are the pros and cons? Can we move on if they are in our lives?


Maybe/Maybe not –  http://www.vogue.com/13256119/being-friends-with-your-ex/ 

YEShttp://www.mtv.com/news/2194001/stay-friends-ex/ , http://mic.com/articles/113394/why-you-should-feel-pretty-great-about-staying-friends-with-your-ex#.tKoWbVCou


Are we even ready for a relationship?

NOhttp://www.relrules.com/6-signs-showing-you-are-not-ready-for-a-relationship/ (read list)

YES http://www.huffingtonpost.com/james-michael-sama/10-ways-to-know-youre-rea_b_5316997.html


 7 Signs You’re Ready for a Relationship – (www.TheDatingTruth.com) – http://www.thedatingtruth.com/2015/09/7-signs-your-ready-for-a-relationship/

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